Thursday, 17 November 2011


AL EDRUS.COM is our FOREX Investment branding.

Last year 2010, August, is the beginning of our Golden days or years; good life, business and investment. We do have many investors from overseas until we cannot cope until at the end we returned all the money back to the individual investors. We know that we really, really disappointed them.Sorry, we have stopped in mid of this year, June, 2011. Now we only do invest for family.

AL EDRUS.COM, the name given by 2nd son, SYED ANWAR AL EDRUS, the founder of this branding and also known FOREX investment in the family. He started to know Forex and learned Forex in year 2008. Anyway, I really thankful to himJ

This year, we stop temporarily this investment for the outsiders due to our short of hands and hard for us to focus or fully concentration.  And as I know that with this Forex Investment everything has change my life and my way of living, too. Now I am notice that it is really workout as proven, with these opportunities and unforgettable with the help of my two sons after struggle very hard, meet new people or friends from net, learnt all the techniques and skill, towards our future. Hoping it will grow more and faster to the GOLDEN WORLD.